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The Swan Bitcoin API provides an interface to use Swan as on-ramp to Bitcoin.

Here are some of the features of Swan that are available to automate via API integrations:

  • Instant buys, powered by ACH
  • Instant buys from an existing balance from a wire or direct deposit (push ACH)
  • Withdrawals / Send Bitcoin
  • Manage bitcoin withdrawal addresses by uploading address batches or xpubs
  • Manage automatic withdrawal plans
  • Manage savings plans
  • Pay other accounts in Bitcoin (send USD payments to other Swan accounts that auto-convert to Bitcoin)
  • Lightning Send (soon)

Swan apps can be built as Personal Access Apps that automate your own account, or Client Access Apps which are offered to end users.

Personal Access Apps

These apps are designed to automate your own account. Some use cases may be to build automations around buying (such as buying based on a trigger of some type), using Swan as a payments system to deliver Bitcoin to other accounts

Personal Access Apps are authenticated by public/private key encryption, using signed ES256 (ECDSA) JWTs that you generate.

Learn to create your first Personal Access App

Client Access Apps (OIDC)

These apps are built by developers for end users. Some examples may include Bitcoin Wallets that want to connect to a Swan account in order to add wallets, trigger buys and withdrawals, and so on.

Client Access Apps are authenticated by OpenID Connect (OIDC), with a "Login with Swan" consent screen that is displayed to the user in order to perform the connection.

If you would like to build Client Access Apps, please reach out to us at

Learn to create OIDC Client Access Apps

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