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Client Access Applications

The Client Apps API uses OIDC Connect to permit your users to link your application to their accounts.

Demo code is available at swan-bitcoin/integration-simulator on Github


The following scopes can be requested at authentication time:

Required scopes (always include these)openid, v1
Offline access (Learn More)offline_access
List wallets added by your appread:vendor_wallet
Add wallets from your appwrite:vendor_wallet
Read settings for automatic withdrawalsread:automatic_withdrawal
Create and manage automatic withdrawalswrite:automatic_withdrawal
Read settings for savings plansread:savings-plan
Create and manage savings planswrite:savings-plan
Read transaction informationread:transactions
Query available payment methodsread:payment-method
Create and manage payment methodswrite:payment-method
List LN withdrawalsread:withdrawal
Create LN withdrawalswrite:withdrawal

Offline Access and token TTL

Requesting offline access will return back a refresh token that can be used to receive a new access token.

This can be used for apps such as desktop wallets, which may need to periodically submit new addresses for withdrawal to Swan and require to be able to connect to Swan over a longer period of time.

TTL of access tokens are set to 1 hour.

Getting Access Keys for your Client App

Integrations need to be whitelisted on our side. We provide a set of keys valid for development ( environment and for production ( environment.

Contact to set up your sandbox account.